Monday, April 4, 2016

Edit My Darling Novel?

How Do I Pick an Editor?

How Do I Choose an Editor for My Novel?  Like ferns, editors grow seemingly by asexual reproduction.  There's so many. Help!

Do I need an editor?  Of course not.  That is, you don't if don't care about your professional rep as an author.  Silly!  Even Stephen King needs an editor.

So how do I choose?

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What's My Editor's Credentials?  Editors must have credentials. Check them.  If she's worked for a publishing house, she has inside info on evaluating your manuscript against industry standards.  She might also advise on how to beef up your novel's sex appeal to publishers. 

All well and good, but when your novel hits Amazon, no one cares about your editor's celebrity status.  What readers do care about is whether your novel looks and reads professionally. Does it shine, or is it filled with plot holes and glaring inconsistencies?  

So you'll want to ask: 

  • What specific credentials does the editor possess?
  • What editorial functions does she perform? 
  • Which clients has she edited, and for which genre(s)?
Always vet your editor.  Call authors and verify how the edit was done, plus ask about the level of satisfaction.  Also, ask for a list of editorial functions and pricing.

K.M. Weiland (link below), offers advice on what to do if you can't afford an editor. 

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  1. Always, always always hire an editor! Even if you're trading services, find someone who will see the mistakes you never did.