Thursday, June 18, 2015

Premise Writing Ain't Poetry: Uncrapify!

Eternal Sunshine of the Forgotten Mind

"Huh?" you ask.  What does "eternal sunshine of the forgotten mind mean?  Um, exactly?" 

I don't know, either, and that's the problem with writing your novel's premise.  It's got to be exact.

Alexander Pope is a favorite of mine, but I gotta tell ya, premise writing ain't poetry.  Okay, maybe it is. It's certainly an art form.  But my point is that your novel's premise can't befuddle.  It's got to be clear what your novel's about.

Tough assignment, I know.  Calls for boiling your book down into a sentence or two, something we writers don't exactly enjoy.  But I'm not hangin' with Pope today, who says theory has no business in a work of art.  Ehhh!  Wrong, Alex!

My premise for Vengeance Is Mine: The Profiler's Passion.  Tell me if it's clear or not.  I'm open for suggestions. 

FBI profiler, Riley Cruz (protagonist) loves unscrewing and looking inside the skull of serial killer, Tannis Loomis, a new breed of female serial killer (objective), who's collecting juvenile vics faster than the Old Woman Who Lived in the Shoe (situation), but when SAC Smith (opponent) comes to the field office and Riley falls in love (disaster), Special Agent in Charge, Carter Beck starts a war in Riley's heart, head and groin that will destroy everything she's ever believed about herself (conflict).

Want to get some specific guidance on writing your novel's premise?  K.M. Weiland is the best theorist on the Web.  Her "how to" is spot on--pure poetry.

Quit Whining and Write Your Premise!

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