Monday, June 22, 2015

Bruce Nauman's Performance Art in my WiP "Get In Line"

"How'd you come up with your idea for that novel?"

I'm bored?

No, seriously, I'm researching book 2 in my Toein' The Line series.

Jump The Line, book one, took me out on a limb.  You've said in your Amazon reviews that you love Jump The Line, and you don't seem put off by my choice of first person present PoV.

Then why go out on a limb?  Why risk pissing you off?

I Love Performance Art and Reader Immersion
In the future, books will be a brand of performance art that immerses you interactively, just as performance art does its audience.   We're already talking about "choose your own adventure" and "gamebook" novels, and gaming is fairly immersive today.

So back to where I got my idea for Get In Line, which is book 2 in my Toein' The Line series.  What if, I asked myself, my killer wanted to involve his victims' families in his macabre art of murder the way performance artists do their audiences?  Then I took my what-if scenario a step ahead.  What if my protagonist, Alaina Colby, and her boyfriend, Aidan Hawks, wanted to play around with performance art in their love life?

Hmmm.  I'd have to be careful, since my murderer, aka "Picasso," could be too creepy for words.  And I wouldn't want to draw any parallels between his idea of murder as performance art, and Alaina's and Aidan's playful experimentation.

Oops!  I've crawled right back out on that limb, I know.  Not sorry, either!

What do you think?  Am I heading in the right direction with Get In Line?  

I'll be sharing more soon.  Meantime, tell me if you like my ideas for book 2.

TTYL! Press Hard and Concentrate!

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  1. Interesting idea. I think you might be approaching the border of erotica with this one.