Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Are Women Pissed? Getting Even? Rise of the New Serial Killer!

Mary McFarland, Author
Vengeance Is Mine: The Profiler's Passion
Golden Pen Award Winner in Romantic Suspense Category

Brains!  I Want to Pick Your Brains!
C'mon!  Tell me what you like--or don't--and why?  I'm bloggin' this book, and I'd love to pick your brains (ha!  that's a sick writer joke!).

Release Date for Vengeance Is Mine
After five years, I'm editing Vengeance Is Mine: The Profiler's Passion.  I'll release it on Amazon in September.  

Why Not Publish Vengeance Sooner?
Why'd I let this Golden Pen award winner collect dust for five years?  

I must do more than bring you a great story, which my idol, Stephen King, insists we writers do.  I'm a rebel, never satisfied with status quo.  Yes, I want to bring you a great story, but I want--when you read my novels--to give you a bone-chilling feel for what's going on in the real world.  As you and I know, the real FBI profiler doesn't run around in stilettos smiling prettily at her male counterpart.  Newwww, indeedy, she does not.  She's bull-nosed and ferociously devoted to her career.  Like you and me, however, she's also human.  Never mind the killers she profiles. She, too, has her issues.

Why Did I Write Vengeance?
So back in 2010, when Vengeance won--sweet!--I wanted to present profilers in a true light, along with their own psychological baggage, and I wanted to wrap this all in a story about the new breed of serial killer: women.

I found the best possible resource, Dr. Deborah Schurman-Kauflin, who wrote The New Predator: Women Who Kill, and I did my homework and then I wrote.

What Do You Think?
I'll share my premise for Vengeance in my next blog post, so you can tear it to pieces! So far, though, don't hold back.  Tell me what you think.



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